A very light and pointless discussion about perverts

“Relationships” & ”feeling hopeful” pal…

I see these posts everyday. Usually I ignore them. I asked Santa for an Ocarina, not a pervert this Christmas. But then I got to thinking – does anyone ever follow up on these posts?

Does anyone see this and think “ooh yes, a remorseful pervert who is still actively seeking to be a pervert in the easiest way possible – just my type!” No, right? Then why would these men do it?

Does it ever work, or is this simply the last resort of someone who has been called a pervert so many times through their behavior that this is what they finally decide to do?

The joke is on him ultimately. Not only was the post removed within a minute, but you cannot recieve receive messages while anonymously posting anyway. But he did give me something to write about. Thanks Pervert!

Also changed my name (temporarily?) if anyone noticed


Even espresso has limits

You can feel it coming on, first the unexplainable exhaustion, then the pressure, and suddenly you’ve got a full on cold. But if you’re me, you’re probably still in denial. Who has time for a cold? So let me save you the trouble and say this: no amount of caffeine is going to fix it. None. I have had four shots of expresso this morning and a nap still sounds wonderful. I will be sleepwalking through my responsibilities today.

Just skip the nonsense and double shots, trust me. It’ll be the same, regardless.


What disturbs me most…

“What disturbs me most is not the lack of respect for my judgment but your contempt for a world far older than our own”

Talk about an epic movie quote, eh? This one comes from Alexander (2004), which is almost as old as me. I like when I’m barely old enough for movies my age, it feels like they’ve been waiting my entire lifetime for me to discover them.

Often I expect R rated movies to hold some sort of secret, some kind of animated magic or truth that’s been off limits my entire life. Like when I finally snuck a copy of Harry Potter into the house (literary magic, I tell you). And technically it still is, my parents just don’t know… Shh, please. But despite all the epic quotes and battles, this movie is bothersome beyond what is normal… Like really, let me be clear: it’s not for minors to watch.

Actually, a teacher ended up in some legal trouble last month for doing just that: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2021/10/22/florida-teachers-showed-r-rated-alexander-to-students/6133908001/ – ✨ so yeah, under 18 = this movie shouldn’t be on your screen. ✨

Anyway, if you’re my age or a few decades older, give it a go if you’d like and let me know what you think. Or don’t, the time could be better spent. And regardless of age, what are some of your favorite epic movie quotes?


Drawing 11/3/21

Yes, no, maybe? I thought it would look like a nice summer dress but actually its maybe a bit too short for me. *vaguely gestures at imagined length of dress*

I also seem to have misplaced all my actual drawing paper. Oof.


A wall of unspoken questions?

Not even to be sappy or sentimental, what if we asked strangers on any given popular road to write down the last question they had for someone but did *not* ask?

What would that look like?


  • Where did you get that sweater?
  • Are you going to be late?
  • Did you see that new policy going into effect?
  • Are you okay?
  • Could I have your number?
  • Er, whats 8×8?

Like a wall that encapsulates the feeling of a busy coffeehouse that I really hope wouldn’t get haunted. Even better if it gets periodically washed away by the rain.

Where am I going with this? I don’t know.
As for me…

  • Are you using the washer?
  • Do you call me your friend, too?
  • Wait, what time are we leaving tomorrow?

Both mundane and suffocating, eh?


*dazzle eyes here*

No wait, wait, where did this last year go?

You, yes you – reader, did you steal it?

*eyes suspiciously*

Ah okay, I’m kidding. Thanks for tagging along. 😇😇😇


I wrote an email to a dead man

Almost the month before the month of spooky season, but honestly that’s a bit anti-climatic for this post. So there’s some serious skeletons in my ancestor’s closet, and for the sake of the dead we won’t be getting into that. There’s a whole lot left unsaid amongst our family. 🍂

However, I did want to start an up-to-date record of my family history. And as boring of a blog post that would make, I found something very interesting online. I found my dead grandfather’s email on a records site. 🍁

It was last updated in 2004, which is also the year he died. So it would be perfectly safe to mutter profanities, curse his life choices, ask questions and work through the information I did have in a long and angst ridden letter, yes? I’m not sure what in my psychology makes sending an email to an unmonitored address to sit forever brings a sense of peace, but there is something. So off I went. 🍂

And one tiny problem with this is that after spilling my heart out and hoping his ghost will somehow read it, I log off after sending it. I open gmail later on and I see an email back, with the same topic title I sent. 🍁

Let me say this… I had a mini-heart attack. As they say, dead men tell no tales. ☠️ But it bounced.

(His email is blurred for my privacy as it is his name)

It took a bit more profanity muttering and online research but it turns out AOL, my grandfather’s email provider from internet lore, was a paid-only service until 2006. So when he died and stopped paying for it in 2004, his account was closed, blocked or deleted. 🍂

I’m talking to the walls, my words bouncing around from server to server. And never finding it’s way onto that old pc likely in a landfill somewhere. This is why we don’t write emails to dead men, eh? 🍁

Partly though, I’m just waiting. Maybe it’s full. Maybe in a few months time I’ll get an email back once his backlog is clear or however that works, with a lengthy explanation as to who he was and why he did the things he did. Maybe he’ll want to see my puppy and we can mourn the life he lost chasing alcohol. I can help him with all the apologies he needs to write. Or maybe in this lifetime I have to make my own closure, and one-way emails to a dead man are the best I am going to get. 🍂

Happy September, 🍁🍂🍁🍂


How the adulthood is going

Become an adult, they say. You’ll have freedom to have all the fun in the world, they say. Everyday can bring its own excitement!

The excitement:


Yes I do know I’m way behind in book reviews heh

I swear it’s actually better than this you can walk to the store in cosplay and buy cookie dough and eat it in the grass of a random parking lot at 10am and no one cares shhhh


Vaccination Celebrations, anyone?

I forgot I had set this up on my calendar, and ngl it’s a cute surprise (I’ve been ignoring those “run” prompts for weeks now, heh).

Anyone else do something similar, or celebrate being somewhat safer in another way? I’m curious. 🤷‍♀️

Also, after sifting through 19 spam comments and only one of them not being about CBD: bot makers… it’s time to get creative. Seriously, where’s my long list of nothing but profanity? Where are the other languages? What about my investment options? Where’s the “great and well thought article” response to a half-baked meme? Where can I get that medication I shouldn’t mention here? Up your game bots, I’m bored. 🥺 ’Tis all.


My Hall of Fame of Bad Passwords

I thought it would be hilarious to make a compilation of all the stupid passwords in my keychain I use for useless and info-free websites across the web, and simply not provide the email or username attached. Well it turns out if you try to screenshot a passcode, it disappears. And I’m too lazy to edit the passcode into every screenshot. You win, Apple.

Apple knows I’m an idiot. Apple cares. 😂 Ima be a idiot anyway, thanks though. Here’s a few of them, without any info about what they’re for. And yes, they’re all real.



“HackMeBro” (for an online game, haha)





Also… don’t make a post like this. I throughly checked to make sure these passwords weren’t cross-used or tied to any banking or personal info. Also, none of which are tied to my blogging email. It’s not as flippant and reckless as it looks. These accounts will be cleaned out or deleted today, before posting this, except for one pesky mlm that won’t allow for account deletion at all. 😤

And of course, always use real and strong passcodes for important sites, (such as emails, blogs & stores) and don’t post them like I’m doing here! Use me as an example of what *not* to do.